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Use this calculator to determine how much it would cost for us to come out and shred your documents.

We publish our rates because our prices are the lowest! 

In the rare case that you get a better bid, our policy is to beat it by a worthwhile amount. 


  • If the amount is zero, it is likely we don't service your zip code. However, we'd be happy to discuss bringing service to your area.

  • To set up a date and time, please fill in the information below and click SEND.

Use this picture as a guide.  For "Number of large boxes" count how many 10" x 12" x 24" boxes you have.  For the largest boxes, count two regular boxes for every one.

We realize that you may not have your material in these nice boxes.  That's OK - just do your best estimation - we will work with you!

on site shredding quote box sizes
Stacks of files.
Residential on site shredding service walking out to truck
on site shredding service - loading paper bins onto truck
Insite on site paper and documents shredding service
Fixed box